Christ Episcopal Church


About Christ Church

Our Vision

We open all our senses to the world we live in and give voice to what we find. 

Sometimes we are happy. We share joy. Sometimes we get angry and we work for justice. We need wisdom and strength to live in the world.  We need good relationships. 

This is a place to change ourselves, our families and our world. 

Our Mission​​

Our mission is to serve Christ in the world. 

We have to learn what that service is. 

Learn how to carry the light of Christ into our town and homes. We carry hope to one another. It takes practice. 

We use worship to shape what we do.  

Our Community

Is made of the people who come to church 

and the many who don't - including family and friends who don't make it to church. 

It includes the wider society, 

places and people far off.